Nelly Is A Frontrunner Because He’s Backing The Royals Now

St. Louis native and wearer of all things Cardinals, Nelly, is saying it’s fine for St. Louis fans to root for the Royals in the World Series for two reasons — the first because the Cardinals sucked nuts and the second because Missouri.

“We didn’t deserve to win man,” Nelly told TMZ. “We gave away too many runs and that makes it easier to cheer for KC … Show Me State in the building!”

This logic, is of course, absolute horse shit. I’m a Yankees fan. If the Mets made it to the World Series — first I’d check to make sure I didn’t accidentally die and end up in a purgatory-like place where mediocrity and poor management leads to success — and then I’d hope for an American League sweep.

The Royals and Cardinals are far from rivals but the last thing any sports fan in any state wants is the other faction of fans being champs. Even if this is the Royals.