WWE Superstar Neville Congratulates Young Boy For Surviving A Crime That Would Make Most Adult Crap Themselves

Surprised WWE Fan


Ethan Reno has got a set of brass balls for an 11-year-old boy. The young boy and his mother survived a home invasion thanks to mom going into protect mode and Reno being able to duck and dodge his way to safety to alert police.

After a suspect attacked the two in their home, mom was able to fight off the assailant while Ethan called 9-1-1. To make matters worse, after during an investigation of the crime scene, authorities surmised that the assailant WAS LIVING IN THE BASEMENT OF THE HOME FOR A WEEK. I’m not sure which part of the story would give me a longer case of the nighttime Hershey squirts — reliving the attack over and over in my mind or thinking about the dude huddled in my basement for so long.

Ethan’s story got the attention of the staff at The Meredith Vieira Show who invited the young boy and his mom to appear on the show to relay their story of survival to the world. Reno explained how he’s such a huge WWE fan and that his favorite wrestler is newcomer Adrian Neville.

Because this is daytime TV, Vieira and staff were able to get Neville to surprise the boy with a WWE gift basket and a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press to the former Today Show host. One of those statements is a lie.

I made the exact same reaction when I found out Meredith Vieira has a TV show.

[via With Spandex]

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