New Report Suggests Mac Jones Despised His Patriots Coach

Mac Jones walks off the field.

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The dysfunction surrounding the New England Patriots was evident to everyone around the NFL. It started in the offseason and continued on through an 8-9 campaign.

A new report shows just how broken the team was, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

The Boston Herald recently released a story on the 2022 season. That saga was one of strife and consternation.

The organization drew criticism in the preseason as Bill Belichick opted not to hire a true offensive coordinator. He wound up settling with Matt Patricia as his play caller just before the season’s start. Patricia had been the team’s defensive coordinator in his previous stint.

The Patriots’ offense averaged less than 19 points a game and finished near the bottom half of the league in yard production. The lack of success led to frustrations amongst both players and staff.

Quarterback Mac Jones was seen on many occasions getting into heated arguments with staff members and throwing temper tantrums on the sidelines.

There was an obvious tension between Jones and Patricia, but that Boston Herald report suggests that the passer was disgruntled with his position coach, too.

Judge drew increasing criticism from within [the Patriots organization]. Belichick would blast him in practice, and it wasn’t uncommon for Judge and Jones to trade profanity-laced outbursts. Jones’ trust in his position coach was effectively non-existent.

“Mac didn’t like him,” one source said. “At all.”

Jones reportedly had zero trust in quarterbacks coach Joe Judge, a former head coach with the Giants. The signal caller was heard often getting into heated arguments with Judge, much like those in-game tantrums seen by NFL viewers.

That may not come as news to many who’ve already painted Jones as a villain.

Rumors are swirling that neither Patricia or Judge will be back with the Patriots next season, and the team has hired former Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien to run the unit in 2023.

We’ll see if Mac Jones gets along better with his new play caller better than his last.

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