New York Fans Won’t Stop Booing Their Own Teams And They’ve Pissed Off Yet Another Player

Leonard Williams Boo Fans Giants Upset

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  • Giants defensive end Leonard Williams wants fans to stop booing their own team.
  • This is the second time this year that a New York athlete has had to address the team’s fans and it’s a tough look.
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Defensive end Leonard Williams knows a thing or two about what it’s like to play on a bad team in New York— well, New Jersey. The 27-year-old spent his first four years in the NFL with the Jets before being traded to the Giants.

Having played his entire six-year career at MetLife Stadium, Williams has had one winning season and it came in his rookie year.

In his time with the Giants, the former USC Trojan has won and his franchise have won only 11 of their last 38 games. They are objectively bad with no positive outlook in sight.

As such, its fanbase is not happy. Look at the scene during the third quarter of yesterday’s loss to the Rams.

They were OUT of there.

After falling behind 38-3, New York was able to find the end zone with six minutes left and make it a 27-point loss with a two-point conversion. The small smattering of fans that remained in the stands were incessant with their boos throughout the fourth quarter.

Williams spoke with the media after the game and discussed the boos. He is frustrated with the lack of support from the home fans.

This is not the first time this year that a New York athlete is upset with New York fans for booing a New York team.

Earlier this year, Mets fans were ruthless toward their own newly-acquired shortstop.

Javier Baez, like Williams, called out the fans for their lack of support.

Playing any sport in the biggest media market in the world is difficult. There is constant scrutiny.

However, for two different athletes in two different sports to be coming out against their own fans is a tough look. Get it together, New York.