New York Giants Reportedly Expected To Pursue Surprising Quarterback In Free Agency


Shutterstock / Michael Hickey

  • The New York Giants led us to believe this offseason that they still believed in Daniel Jones
  • Now they may be looking to sign his potential replacement
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Early in the offseason, the New York Giants made a point of telling the world that Daniel Jones is their guy at quarterback right now. They really had us believing they had confidence in their quarterback. That might not actually be the case. If today’s report from the Pro Football Network is correct, they could pursue a potential replacement for Jones this offseason.

However, the most surprising part of the report is exactly who that potential replacement is. The New York Giants are reportedly expected to pursue Mitch Trubisky in free agency.

This is a pretty big change from what the Giants were telling us a month ago. It’s also an odd choice in quarterback. Trubisky is basically the mold Jones has followed so far in his NFL career. Both were overdrafted in spite of some questions about their talent levels coming out of college.

Both ended up playing for disastrous coaching staffs and having supporting casts that weren’t particularly great. The latter portion of Trubisky’s time in Chicago saw the Bears sign a former backup to give him competition for the starting job. It didn’t work well for the Bears, but now the Giants look like they’re going to try the same thing.

It’s a strange move for the Giants. Trubisky’s career hasn’t indicated he is somebody who can win with this current Giants roster. I’m not really even sure what how much of a difference there is between him and Jones. This isn’t quite the same as those rumors that the Giants would pursue Russell Wilson.

That’s a move that makes you a winning franchise. This just a move that gives you a Qb controversy to deal with.

The one thing that makes this move make sense is that Brian Daboll just spent a season coaching Trubisky in Buffalo. Maybe he saw something during that time that convinced him Trubisky can be a franchise quarterback. It’s just something that we haven’t seen yet.

I don’t know if Daniel Jones is the long-term answer for the New York Giants, but I’m pretty sure the answer isn’t signing Mitch Trubisky and crushing Jones’ confidence.