Safety Bennett Jackson Got Cut By New York Jets On His Birthday, With Team’s Twitter Even Deleting Message To Him

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New York Jets released safety Bennett Jackson on his birthday and deleted the tweet wishing him a special day

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The New York Jets have a game tonight on Monday Night Football against the Cleveland Browns, pitting their backup quarterback, Trevor Siemian, against the 2018 No. 1 overall pick, Baker Mayfield, thanks to Sam Darnold missing time due to mono. It’s not exactly the tasty matchup it seemed like it’d be for a primetime game a couple weeks ago. While tonight’s matchup seems like the biggest thing on the minds of Jets fans today, there’s another story that shows just how bad things are for Gang Green. 

That’s because the team did something kind of bogus today, releasing safety Bennett Jackson on his 28th birthday, which came after the team’s Twitter account sent a message to the team’s now former defensive back. Making matters worse, the Jets’ social media department didn’t even keep the tweet up, but, instead, deleted it because Jackson was no longer a member of the New York Jets. Ah, yes, the Jets are always gonna Jets, aren’t they?

Here’s a look at the since deleted tweet from the Jets after they cut Jackson.

Man, talk about an awkward birthday present, huh? As someone who just celebrated his 35th last Thursday, I’ve been showered with love and gifts and messages for the past five days now, so I couldn’t imagine if I was in Jackson’s shoes and, rather than be happy to celebrate a birthday, he’s worrying about where his next paycheck might come from.

Naturally, once Twitter got news of all this, people had some reactions, so take a look at some of the things people were saying on social media below.

This kind of reminds me of when long snapper Mike Windt got laughed at on Hard Knocks earlier this summer by the entire Oakland Raiders team for a blunder he made during a preseason game, and was then released within a few hours of the episode airing. Yeah, this move is on that level of ‘holy shit,’ in my personal opinion.

The New York Jets have already had a pretty miserable season to this point — blowing a 16-point lead at home to lose to the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, and then that whole Darnold thing. While this probably doesn’t hurt them as much, it just adds to the debacle of the franchise. But, hey, maybe they turn it around tonight against the Browns on Monday Night Football.

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