New York Mets Owner Steve Cohen Verbally Stuffs Other Owners In A Locker Over Complaints About His Spending

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The New York Mets are set to enter the 2023 Major League Baseball season with the league’s highest payroll.

New York is set to spend $304.8 million on its 26-man roster. That’s about $37 million more than the the Yankees in second at $267.9.

When you factor in retain salaries, that number jumps to $336.1 million and is more than $69 milion (nice) more than the Mets’ crosstown rivals.

The simple reason behind the jaw-dropping spending is owner Steve Cohen. Cohen purchased the Mets in November 2020 and is the league’s richest rich boy by a mile. Cohen is worth a reported $16 billion. By comparison’s sake, New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner is worth just the $3.8 billion.

The Mets used Cohen’s financial might to be a bully in the free agent market this offseason. They signed ace Justin Verlander to replace Jacob DeGrom. They also added starters Kodai Senga and Jose Quintana while adding and reaching hefty extensions with a slew of others.

New York’s spending had other MLB executive and owners in their feelings as they complained about how the big bad billionaire actually invested in his purchase.

But now Cohen is hitting back.

Steve Cohen Calls Out Owners Who Are Made At Him For Investing In His Team

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Jeff Passan, he said that he’s not bothered by the complaints and will continue to what he feels is necessary to win.

We’ve in New York and I’m competitive,” Cohen said. “If you’re going to own a team — I came in with a commitment that I was going to put a good product on the field. And I think I’ve done that. I had no idea what it was going to cost to put a good product on the field, but I’m in a position where I make good income, right? So I can do this.”

“I’ve heard what everyone else has heard: that they’re not happy with me,” Cohen said. I hear things from people who are maybe more neutral – that they’re taking a lot of heat from their fans. I kind of look at that like, you’re looking at the wrong person. They’re putting it on me. Maybe they need to look more at themselves.” – via ESPN

Cohen goes on to point out that he’s doing everything within the rules. Which is true. And while he undoubtedly has more financial might than most, just about every MLB team is owned by a billionaire. The overwhelming majority of those teams turn a profit each year.

Spend to win if you want to win. But if you don’t want to do so, don’t blame Cohen.