Turns Out Neymar Can Juggle The Heck Out Of A Baseball, But Hitting One Is A Different Story…

But hey, who’s to say that he couldn’t in the first place, right? Here’s another angle of Neymar’s skills.

The F.C. Barcelona superstar dropped by the Mets game at Citi Field on Tuesday and showcased some of his soccer futbol skills for the New York media during pregame festivities.

Kid’s got some major foot-eye coordination, that’s for sure. His hitting on the other hand, well, let’s just say maybe he could use a few more swings in the cage to perfect it.

Nonetheless, really cool to see the global icon hanging out in America and taking in some good ol’ fashioned baseball. Hopefully for Neymar, he’ll get to see a Mets victory tonight, as they’re up 4-0 against the White Sox at the time of writing, on the shoulders of a strong outing so far by lefty Steven Matz.

[h/t 120 Sports]

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