The NFL Closes Rulebook Loophole Made Famous By Bill Belichick Months After Mike Vrabel Used It Against The Pats In The Playoffs

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The ‘Belichick’ delay of game loophole is no more.

Last season, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick took advantage of a rulebook loophole to run time off the clock against the Jets during the regular season.

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Thanks to a loophole in the rule book, if the clock is already running, it will continue to run after a penalty as long as there’s more than five minutes left in the fourth quarter (Timing rules undergo a slight change late in the fourth quarter with the clock stopping on all penalties once there’s under five minutes left in the game).”

That same loophole was later used against Belichick by Titans head coach (and former Patriots staffer) Mike Vrabel in Tennessee’s win over New England in the playoffs.

On Thursday, the NFL decided to close the loophole for the upcoming season months after Vrabel used it against Belichick.

It’s only a matter of time until Belichick exploits another rule for his benefit.