The NFL Claims They Haven’t Found Any Other Racist, Homophobic, Or Sexist Emails And Absolutely Nobody Believes Them


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The NFL claims they haven’t found any other racist, homophobic or sexist emails after the Jon Gruden email leak and absolutely nobody believes them.

Someone from the league spoke with the AP and told them they didn’t find any problematic emails like Gruden’s in their investigation into the WFT.

Via AP

The person familiar with the investigation as well as emails told The Associated Press on Friday that the league “did not identify other areas and other individuals it has to contact at club leadership or league leadership levels.” The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the league has not publicly released what is in the 650,000 emails the independent investigators collected during an investigation of sexual harassment and other workplace conditions at the Washington Football Team.

“The NFL did not identify any problems anywhere near what you saw with Jon Gruden,” the person said. The person did not address any other areas of potential issues found in the emails beyond similarities with Gruden’s comments.

Of course, absolutely nobody believed the NFL and called for the league to release the 650,000 emails in the WFT probe to the public.