The NFL Fan Shop Is Selling A $150 Photo Of Marshawn Lynch’s Crotch Grab That Got Him Fined $20,000

Another day, another item to add to the exhaustive list of reasons why Roger Goodell’s NFL is the most morally-bankrupt, greedy organization in the world. As if decades of tax-exempt status weren’t enough for the $10 billion-a-year league. Earlier today a football fan on Reddit discovered that the NFL is selling a pic of Marshawn Lynch’s infamous crotch-grab run in the NFL Fan Shop. Beast Mode was fined $20,000 by The League for unsportsman-like conduct. Even though they scolded Lynch for adding some WWE-style theatrics, they’re profiting from the moment too.

Classic “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” that we’ve come to expect from the NFL. That said — I’m so happy we have Football Sundays back in our lives again. As much as we love railing on The League for their slippery slope morals, holy shit is it a great source of joy (and pain… often, pain).


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