NFL Fans Call Out Michael Thomas Over His Now Deleted Tweets

Michael Thomas

Getty Image / Chris Graythen

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Michael Thomas play meaningful minutes for the New Orleans Saints due to injuries.

However, it sounds like NFL fans aren’t too happy about now-deleted tweets from the Saints’ star wide receiver.

On Sunday, Michael Thomas had some choice words about the medical staffs that work with the NFL, per Dov Kleiman.

Maybe Thomas was just trying to show support for Chris Maragos for winning $43.5 million in his lawsuit against the doctors who looked over his career-ending knee injury.

At the same time, Thomas’ recently deleted tweets sound like he might be calling out the Saints as well.

Even so, football fans didn’t seem to think Michael Thomas was the right man to call out medical teams in the league. Regardless if he was trying to make a point or not.

Can Michael Thomas stay healthy when he eventually comes back?

This simply isn’t true, but still kind of funny.

These fans just aren’t liking what Thomas had to say.

Some fans think Michael Thomas is being a bit hypocritical.

In the end, we just hope to see Michael Thomas back on the field one day. Maybe 2023 will be his revenge year.