Roger Goodell Haters Fume As Owners Prepare Hand NFL Commissioner A New Contract

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As the commissioner of a major sports league in the US, it’s basically a rite of passage to be hated by the fans of the league that you run.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver seemed to avoid this course for his first few years. But eventually, the inevitable came for him as well.

Baseball fans hate MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. Hockey fans despise NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. But perhaps no league’s fans dislikes its commissioner as much as NFL fans dislike Roger Goodell.

Goodell took over for retiring commissioner Paul Tagliabue in 2006 and, for the most part, has done a solid job. The game has grown and safety has improved, even if it’s still a remarkably dangerous game.

But it seems fans of every team have at least one major grip with Goodell.

Roger Goodell To Receiver Contract Extension From NFL Owners

Those fans won’t be happy, then, to see the latest report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Schefter reports that Goodell is in line to receive a contract extension from NFL owners in the coming weeks.

Roger Goodell and NFL owners are expected to finalize a multi-year contract extension for the commissioner at next week’s owners meetings in Phoenix, league sources told ESPN.

The NFL’s compensation committee is slated to present the proposed extension to team owners during a special privileged session Tuesday afternoon. Only one member from each team is permitted in that meeting.

Goodell’s extension has been in the works since last season, when the compensation committee was granted permission by the full membership to get an extension done, according to sources. The sides have discussed a three-year extension, according to sources, but no length of time has been agreed to yet.  – via ESPN

Unsurprisingly, the news didn’t go over well with NFL fans.

Goodell’s new contract has been a point of contention for a while now. It even let Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to launch expletives as Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

But now it appears that’s all in the past. And fans can go back to hating Goodell for the foreseeable future.