NFL Fans React To Baker Mayfield Joining The List Of Unavailable Cleveland Browns

NFL Fans React To Baker Mayfield Likely Missing Cleveland's Next Game

Getty Image / Jason Miller

  • This week has been nothing but bad news for the Cleveland Browns
  • Football fans reacted today as Baker Mayfield joined the list of unavailable Browns
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The Cleveland Browns already knew they were going to be a bit shorthanded on Saturday, but the news just got even worse for them. Today, Baker Mayfield joined the list of players likely to miss Saturday’s key matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders.

That list already included a huge chunk of their offensive firepower. Jarvis Landry, Wyatt Teller, and Austin Hooper all had positive tests and Kareem Hunt is unlikely to play with an ankle injury.

With head coach Kevin Stefanski also testing positive, the situation is getting pretty tough for the Browns as they fight for a playoff spot. It has gotten to the point that fans are getting ready to call Shane Falco.

Maybe it’ll be Paul Crewe and his fellow inmates suiting up for the Browns this weekend.

Maybe it’ll be this little kid.

Regardless, it’s certainly going to be pretty lonely for whoever is left at Browns practice for the rest of this week.

It’s going to be a long week for the Browns even if the news doesn’t get any worse for them. It’s going to be tough for Baker Mayfield to get cleared for this weekend and the Browns offense is already struggling.

Maybe the Cleveland Browns actually should see if Keanu and his buddies are available to take on the Raiders this weekend.