NFL Fans Roast Colts HC Shane Steichen Over Introductory Meeting With Players

Colts head coach Shane Steichen

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

This is a crucial offseason for the Indianapolis Colts, as they aim to get back on top of the AFC South in the 2023 season.

It’s been a while since this franchise was truly competitive, but new head coach Shane Steichen brings new hope to the organization.

But, Colts fans might want to pump the brakes for a second, after the team released an inside video of Steichen’s first meeting with the players.

NFL fans can’t help but roast the Philadelphia Eagles’ former offensive coordinator, as they believe his introductory meeting was a tad bit lame (it really is though).

Here’s the video in question.

Are you still awake? Shoutout to you if you didn’t nod off watching that clip. As a reward, here are some of the best reactions from NFL fans roasting the Colts’ new head coach.

This would have been the perfect way to end the meeting.

Anyone else just have a flashback to middle school?

Maybe the Colts should have considered just sending an email instead.

We’ve all been there.

Steichen of course is coming from the Eagles’ franchise, as his work as their offensive coordinator earned him a head coaching job.

The Colts are hopeful things will pan out. However, this first glimpse doesn’t provide much faith in what he can do.

To be fair, Nick Sirianni was roasted during his first preseason as a head coach as well.

On a similar note, Jonathan Gannon, the Eagles defensive coordinator turned head coach of the Arizona Cardinals got roasted as well after having a Michael Scott moment while meeting Rondale Moore.

Maybe there’s something to being a little bit corny. Nick Sirianni has been wildly successful as the head coach of Philadelphia.

So, maybe the Colts and Cardinals can strike gold as well.

We won’t know for sure though until the new season gets going. With that said, keep an eye on Shane Steichen, as his corny ways are either going to lead to success or failure.