NFL Fashion Review, Playoff Edition: Derrick Henry Has Redefined ‘King’

Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans

Getty Image / Julio Aguilar

Well, well, well, the wildcard round proved to be an expected mess, and boy was it a joy. The Browns beating the Steelers? How, why. But good for them. It’s about time. Sadly though, it appears that using this “logo” has passed its moment.

Very sad!

The Bills and the Browns though, man. What planet are we on, I’d love to know.

With that unbridled vigor, let’s dive into this hellscape with the fearlessness and genius of Leaping Lappy Poffo.

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Derrick Henry

Seriously? King Henry for damn good reason. Not a fan of FIRE, but this defines FIRE.

Philip Rivers!

An absolutely shocking appearance. So much to the point I am without words. But I will say this: Dad Gonna Dad Style.

Russell Wilson

Did Russ finally do it, or did Russ finally do it? Hell. Yes. Cheers, brother! But sorry for the loss.

Josh Allen

Are we serious with the Josh Allen drip? More shocking than the latest scenes from Your Honor. Outrageous.

T. Y. Hilton

T. Y. Hilton is improving at a rapid rate. Let’s all pretend that “grandma’s comforter” thing never happened.

Cam Jordan

Does Cam Jordan ever miss? The answer is he does not. He does not miss.

Marlon Humphrey

Marlon Humphrey, also one who just does not miss. One of the best, if not the best.

Shaquil Barrett

Sneaker Game on point and having a hair day to remember.

Morgan Fox?

Who? Not a clue. But an instant legend.

Jerry Hughes?

Not a clue. Helluva of a jacket, though.

Chase Young

The Washington Football Team loves getting creative with these photo mashups, and that more than makes those aviators unbelievably great.