The NFL Released New Skins For Fortnite And Players Are Trolling By Creating Aaron Hernandez, OJ Simpson And Michael Vick In The Game

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NFL/Epic Games

Last week the NFL announced they were teaming up with Epic games to bring official team jerseys to the massively popular video game Fortnite.

We see the popularity of Fortnite every day at the NFL as many of our players are passionate about this game,” said Brian Rolapp, Chief Media and Business Officer at the NFL. “This partnership represents a great opportunity for millions of NFL fans who are Fortnite players to express their fandom inside the game while at the same time exposing our brand to countless others.”

“We have so many football fans at Epic and we know a lot of the game’s fans share that same enthusiasm,” said Mark Rein, co-founder of Epic Games. “Allowing our players to represent their favorite teams in the game was too cool of an opportunity for us to pass up, and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!”

The new skins allow players to customize their character with the jersey and number of their choice. This led to players deciding to troll the shit out of the NFL by creating Aaron Hernandez, OJ Simpson and other disgraced players in the game .

Here’s Aaron Hernandez with a gun.

OJ Simpson.

Michael Vick, who did jail time for his role in a dog fighting ring, carrying a dog in the game.

Jason Pierre-Paul, who blew up his hand with fireworks, carrying a bag of explosives.

And here we have Colin Kaepernick kneeling.

And Plaxico Burress.