Football Fans Are Riding The Hype Train Over Rumors The NFL Will Soon Announce A Game Played In Germany Next Season

NFL Fans Are Hyped After Rumors Of A German City Getting NFL Games

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  • The NFL previously announced it’s expanding out of England and into other parts of Europe and NFL fans are now HYPED over the latest rumors
  • Football fans are convinced the NFL is going to announce a game in Germany next season after a press conference was announced in a German city
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The NFL previously announced plans to expand out of England and into other parts of Europe. Beginning in 2022, there will be 4 NFL games held abroad each season and every single NFL team will host a game abroad (at least) once every 8 years.

Since the NFL started playing games abroad in 2007 (28 in London, 3 in Mexico City) only the Green Bay Packers have yet to play outside of the United States but that will soon change.

Until now, the NFL has not announced which city in Germany will host NFL games. There were three finalists (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich) but a press conference announced in one of these cities for Wednesday has everyone convinced AND HYPED for NFL games held in Frankfurt starting in 2022.

UPDATE: Not just Frankfurt!!

The announcement is official and they’ll split games between Munich and Frankfurt over the next several years.

The NFL is set to make its announcement on Wednesday, February 9th while the city of Frankfurt announced a press conference about an “international sporting event in Frankfurt.” The press conference is now believed to be held at the same time as Roger Goodell’s announcement and everyone on social media is running wild with this theory.

NFL Germany? Fans Are Hyped For Football Games In Frankfurt Next Season

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