NFL Insider Questions If Patrick Mahomes Is Playing Injured And Social Media Has Similar Theories

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

  • In an attempt to diagnose Kansas City’s shortcomings this season, NFL Insider Mike Florio is questioning if Patrick Mahomes is playing injured
  • He presents some (conspiracy?) theories on a possible Patrick Mahomes injury and a quick look at Twitter shows a LOT of people also think Mahomes is playing hurt
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Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs look markedly different this season compared to the past few seasons. I’m a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan but have watched Mahomes closely due to a combination of having him on my fantasy team + Patrick being one of the league’s superstars always playing in primetime games. And something is definitely off compared to the past.

For his part, Patrick Mahomes still thinks the Chiefs can have a “special offense”. He LOVES throwing that term around and I put together this timeline of that over the past few years. And while Patrick ranks 4th in the NFL in TDs and 3rd in passing yards he’s also leading the league in interceptions (10) and is leading a .500 team that came into the season with Super Bowl aspirations.

NFL insider Mike Florio is now questioning whether or not Patrick Mahomes is playing with a secret injury. Mahomes underwent surgery on ligaments in his toe just days after losing in the Super Bowl to Tom Brady and my Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That surgery reportedly went well. He hasn’t missed playing time, practices, anything. But Mike Florio isn’t easily convinced.

Florio had this to say (via NBC Sports):

“it’s possible that he’s impaired just enough post-surgery that the margin that allowed him to elude defenders long enough to make a spectacular play has gotten smaller or disappeared. That would make it harder for him to stay a step ahead of those who want to tackle him while he waits for someone to find a hole in the coverage into which Mahomes would then launch a laser beam with a flick of the wrist.

Watch the games. Something’s missing. Maybe it’s as simple as Mahomes not having the extra little edge that lets him maneuver a half-step ahead of defensive linemen and linebackers.”

Florio went on to say there was a moment in the ‘Manningcast’ on MFN when Peyton noticed some really odd footwork. He also said we should never expect full transparency and used Tom Brady’s torn MCL from last season as an example.

A quick perusal of Twitter reveals that A TON of NFL fans also suspect that Patrick Mahomes has been playing with some sort of injury.

I don’t know what to think. Something is off with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. But I’m inclined to believe the Buccaneers figured them out in the Super Bowl and gave the rest of the league the playbook on how to frustrate the Chiefs.

Patrick doesn’t look nearly as mobile as he usually does when scrambling but that might also be because the rest of the league looks a little faster.

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