NFL Executives Under Fire For Alleged Workplace Discrimination

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

It sounds like some trouble is brewing within the NFL‘s corporate offices right now.

Reports indicate that lawsuits are being filed over some alleged workplace discrimination.

According to ABC, the alleged discrimination being reported is sex, racial, and age bias. ABC shares more details on the situation.

“The attorneys general of New York and California announced Thursday that they are investigating allegations of workplace discrimination at the NFL, citing lawsuits filed by employees that describe sex, racial and age bias, sexual harassment, and a hostile work environment.”

It appears that corporate offices in both states, New York and California, are under investigation.

“Attorneys General Letitia James, of New York, and Rob Bonta, of California, said they have issued subpoenas to NFL executives as part of an examination into the workplace culture at the league’s corporate offices in both states.”

Letitia James and Rob Bonta issued official statements about the alleged discrimination going on in the NFL.

“‘No person should ever have to endure harassment, discrimination, or objectification in the workplace,’ James said.”

“Bonta said he and James have ‘serious concerns about the NFL’s role in creating an extremely hostile and detrimental work environment.'”

These are some rather serious accusations that will surely be further investigated. ABC reports that the NFL ” didn’t immediately comment” on the alleged discrimination claims.

This all comes after the Washington Commanders’ previous owner, Dan Snyder, was forced to sell his team over similar accusations.

We’ll see how this situation plays out, as these investigations are in the early stages. This could be an ongoing issue for the league.

With that said, keep an eye out for updates regarding this report.