TikTok Star Asks His Dad To Name NFL Team Logos And The Results Are Both Funny, And Most Definitely Fake

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  • TikTok star Joe Mele’s father is very clearly not an NFL fan, or maybe he’s just a solid actor?
  • ‘The Red Helmets’ and ‘The Lucky Horseshoes’ were just two of the names he said when asked to name NFL team logos.
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Asking your significant other or a family member to name sports teams based on their team logo has long been a trend on TikTok, but that doesn’t mean they’re still not hilarious. The team names that some people can come up with are truly spectacular and for diehard fans that watch these people botch some of the most iconic logos in sports never gets old.

TikTok star Joe Mele decided to join the trend and ask his dad to name NFL teams associated with their logos. Not only are the names absolutely preposterous, but his dad’s demeanor during the videos is also so great.

Here’s the thing though, there’s no way these videos are real. There a 0% chance that Mele’s dad’s reaction to the logos is genuine.

Mele is from Long Island, NY based on his Instagram bio, therefore I’m assuming all of these videos with his dad are being filmed in Long Island as well. When Mele shows his dad the Green Bay Packers logo, he says that that’s the Giants logo.

You’re going to tell me that there is a person living in the state of New York that doesn’t know the Giants’ logo? He also makes up some ridiculous name for the Bills and almost messes up the Jets’ logo even though it literally says ‘NY Jets.’

I see right through you, Mr. Mele.

At the end of the day, this is social media, and specifically TikTok. The amount of money and exposure people get day after day posting completely bogus clips is astronomical. I guess you have to respect Mele’s dad’s dedication to living a lie for the entire world to see just so his son can gain some fame.