We Implore You To Enjoy Every NFL Logo As Food, It’s Worth It

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BROS, do you recall the NFL logos that were redesigned to represent professional wrestlers and NBA franchises? Well, I certainly do. And the hits keep comin’.

Really, this is rather amazing. No, I’m not a “foodie.” And yes, if claimed myself to be a “foodie” I would’ve already prepared to die.

But, BUT, this latest chapter comes with the unbridled joy that sparks a reaction of, is this even REAL?

For starters, Buffalonians are known to thrive on many things, including FOOD, making this beauty pretty outstanding.

Buffalo Wings as Good

The one and ONLY reason to adore Bills fans. Well, at least from a distance.


The Jets

Does anything look worse than a pizza slice made entirely of cotton? Only the Jets. And to answer the question, NO, the flat answer is  NO.

Pizza Jets

The New York Jets, as portrayed through pizza slices adorned with footballs. That’s just so Jets.


Uh, The Browns

Browns are awful

To be fair to Cleveland, I came up with this kind of nonsense yeeeeeeeeeears ago. For Browns fans, eating your own boogers is basically considered a huge step forward. And, wow, it’s a great look.


For that, and much more glory, go to Uproxx for the full slate.


The New York Bagels

ny bagels giants

An obvious, but a great one at that.


Vikings burger lgoo

But of course. I’m just not sure a freakin’ hamburger hat has ever made me so happy. It really doesn’t matter where that inviting hat resides, it’s more about its existence. Seriously, anything from here on out is a gift.


The Washington … Somethings

Redskins logo

Amazingly, this is the best P.R. the Redskins have had since 1973.


Seattle Seahores

Seahawks logo

As I’m sure most humans can relate, hating the Seahawks has been rather easy over the last string of years, but this might be the best one yet. It’s also the coolest look. Which pretty much brings myself to… I hate myself. What a circular clusterfuck.


The Denver BallSacks

Peyton Manning is a dicl, reportedly

Well, this is just about the best thing to land on everyone’s face, including Peyton Manning’s scrotum.



Open Debate: How does one recover from any sort of association with Cleveland Browns? Or continue to exist as one? I’d like to think this is a trick question.

NO ONE recovers from the Browns.

[HT Uproxx ]

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