The NFL Says They Found No Evidence Mason Rudolph Used Racial Slur Against Myles Garrett

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It seems like the NFL doesn’t believe Myles Garrett’s latest accusations against Mason Rudolph

During his appeal hearing to get his suspension reduced on Thursday, Garrett claimed that Rudolph used a racial slur that sparked the Browns-Steelers brawl last week.


In an appeal hearing with the NFL on Wednesday, Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett alleged that Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur just prior to last week’s brawl on “Thursday Night Football,” sources told ESPN’s Josina Anderson and Adam Schefter

Garrett made the allegation as part of his initial comments during the appeal hearing in New York, sources said. It created an argumentative exchange between both sides about whether the allegation was permissible to be used in the appeal at that time.

When the allegation was made, appeals officer James Thrash remained stoic and took copious notes, sources said. He did ask Garrett a question about how he might act differently in the future, and Garrett conveyed he would not let events escalate like that again in the future.

Rudolph’s lawyers immediately denied the allegations on Twitter.

The NFL released a statement saying that they looked into the matter and “found no such evidence” that Rudolph used a racial slur before the brawl. The NFL and NFLPA also announced that they were denying Garrett’s appeal and upholding his indefinitly suspending.

Apparently, players were not Micd up for this game so we’ll never have a definite answer regarding Garrett’s accusations.

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