A New CBS Sports NFL Mock Draft Is Absolutely Horrific

NFL Draft

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After the Super Bowl concluded two Sundays ago, it officially became NFL mock mraft season. Everyone and their brother wants to make a mock draft, and you can find hundreds of them on the internet.

Some of them are pretty solid, but solid is boring and that doesn’t clicks. Some NFL mock drafts are completely ridiculous.

CBS Sports may have taken absurd to a new level, though. This mock draft is truly crazy.

Here’s a link to the mock.

The mock draft is operating under some assumptions regarding the quarterback market. They were as followed.

For this mock, I’ve set the quarterback scene as follows:

Derek Carr signing with Jets (he’s currently a free agent)
Aaron Rodgers traded to the Las Vegas Raiders
Lamar Jackson traded to the Atlanta Falcons
Ryan Tannehill signs with the New Orleans Saints
Jimmy Garoppolo signs with Tennessee Titans

Some wild stuff there, but not as wild as this mock. Anthony Richardson being the first overall pick is wild. The Florida quarterback has potential and all the tools, but is wildly raw. He would be the rawest passer to be taken first overall in the modern history of the league.

And, hand up, I’m not a big CJ Stroud fan. But, he’s a way better player and passer than Will Levis. Anyone who takes Levis over Stroud should be charged with a crime.

And, it’s way too heavy on pass rushers in a pass-rusher class that is really weak outside of Alabama’s Will Anderson. There’s no way that many pass-rushers are going that high.

Surprisingly, there is probably going to be a worse mock draft than this somewhere along the line.

The 2023 NFL Draft begins April 27 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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