NFL MVP Odds Have Been Released And League Veterans Get No Love

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Whether there is sports or not, you can’t deny that it is always fun when Las Vegas sports books release their odds to win NFL MVP. It sparks instant debate and for better or for worse, is almost a sure thing to be spoken about for a good 10-12 hours on ESPN. This years odds had a couple guarantees such as Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson leading the pack at +350 and +700 on Bet MGM. But it also came with a few surprises that has had us degenerates talking.

First things first, how about the disrespect to #12?

Aaron Rodgers, who has arguably been a top 3 quarterback for the past 5-10 years currently sits at the 9th best odds at +2500. How can you look at that and not just toss a quick hundred dollars in on the right handed gun slinger? Even without a #2 receiver in Green Bay I think those are some of the best odds in Vegas right now, right behind the other disrespected veteran that is Drew Brees.

Of all people to not disrespect when it comes to overcoming odds, Vegas decided to drop the hammer on Drew Brees in the 8th spot at +2000. He overcame his arthroscopic shoulder surgery in 2006, and I think he can easily overcome these ones as well. The Saints are labeled by most as a top 5 team this year that is flat out hungry for another Super Bowl run.

Adding Emmanuel Sanders to the slot is a dangerous pairing with a stud like Michael Thomas. Some may look at Brees at 41 and decide its best to lay off the action, but the guy has really shown no signs of slowing down and is an absolute machine in the Superdome.

Whatever you bet, just win.

Doesn’t matter what player takes you to the promise lands as long as he is putting you in the positives. Who am I to tell you how to spend your money? But just know, my money and the best money is riding and dying on the two veterans in Rodgers and Brees.

That is…..if we even have a season.

Sorry I had to say it.