The NFL Makes The Right Call By Not Punishing Tom Brady For Drop-In Visit With Assistant Coach

tom brady punishment nfl visiting assistant coach's home

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Despite the fact that he’s officially been a Buccaneer for about 14 seconds, Tom Brady has already managed to get under the skin of teams around the league.

With the NFL abiding by state laws and implementing its own social distancing practices, teams around the league began scratching their heads and pointing fingers at Brady after he decided to pay a visit to the home of Byron Leftwich, Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator.

With Florida under a stay-at-home order at the time and the NFL issuing new rules where players essentially aren’t allowed to have any sort of in-person interactions with coaches, teams were actually expecting ‘stern discipline’ for Brady from the NFL office.

That’s not happening, however. According to Greg Auman of The Athletic, the league has determined that Brady did not commit any sort of violation.

The most interesting part of this entire situation is the fact that nobody ever would have even known Brady paid Leftwich a visit if it wasn’t for him accidentally walking into the wrong house beforehand. Regardless of the fact, teams around the league wanting Brady to get a slap on the wrist for going to pick up a playbook is beyond absurd, but those are the times we’re living in these days.

Brady was also caught working out in a local park recently, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if the park was actually open and there wasn’t a stay-at-home order in place.

It’s hard to imagine this sort of thing being a story at all if it involved literally any other player in the NFL other than Brady, but it’s nice to see the NFL make the right call and not hand out any sort of disciplinary action for a player just picking up his new playbook.