Tom Brady Wandered Into A Random Dude’s House In Tampa As He Continues To Transform Into A Full-Fledged ‘Florida Man’

tom brady wanders into wrong house

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The world has always had a healthy appetite for offbeat news stories that were traditionally buried in the back of the paper because they were generally considered far less vital than whatever was gracing the front page. However, when readers began to abandon traditional outlets in favor of their digital counterparts, articles about a zany occurrence in a small town in rural America suddenly had the chance to spread like wildfire.

Thanks to the internet, weird news that would’ve once garnered a couple of sentences in the police blotter before being largely forgotten to history can end up being covered by multiple national outlets, which is a fantastic development for people looking for a brief hit of entertainment and less exciting for a guy who took a few hits of PCP who had to be rescued after getting stuck inside a washing machine in the laundromat he broke into.

These stories can be sourced from every corner of the flat and rectangular planet that we inhabit, but over the years, people on the internet began to notice there was one region that seemed to produce a disproportionate number of them: Florida.

A number of people have explored how the world became obsessed with “Florida Man,” a sweeping characterization used to describe residents of the state who routinely manage to get themselves into situations that inspire headlines you’d expect to find in The Onion (often with the help of their trusty sidekick Meth).

The details may vary but almost all of these stories share some common traits including “a noted lack of common sense” and “a general disregard for the law.” As a result, plenty of people were quick to slap the Florida Man label on Tom Brady after police busted him for violating the state’s stay-at-home order by deciding to work out in a park when he could’ve easily blasted his triceps using a couple of stacks of The TB12 Method for a perfectly adequate prison workout.

It’s only been a month since Brady signed with the Buccaneers but it turns out he’s transforming into Florida Man at an impressively fast rate, as TMZ reports he gave a man in the Tampa one hell of a shock when he discovered the quarterback had wandered into his house.

David Kramer says he was sitting in his kitchen while talking on the phone earlier this month when he was interrupted by an uninvited guest with a duffel bag in tow, which is the kind of situation that would make many people assume a hitman had been hired to kill them.

It turns out Kramer lives next door to Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and it’s safe to say it would be very, very difficult to confuse the two men. It didn’t take long for Brady to process the situation, as he asked if he was in the wrong house and hightailed it out of there while profusely apologizing once Kramer confirmed he was.

Based on his reaction to the story, Brady would be the first person to admit he’s gotten off to a fairly rocky start in his new home.

At this rate, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until we’re treated to a mugshot of Brady with spray paint goatee after he gets arrested for trying to wrestle an alligator after driving a golf cart into a pond.

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