The Top 5 Quarterbacks In The NFL After Week 14

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Another week is just about in the books here in the 2020 NFL season. The MVP race has been all over the place as a different quarterback seems to step up to the plate each week. The saying that you are only as good as your quarterback looks to be true as we dive into our current rankings of the Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL.

5. Josh Allen

All is well in Buffalo right now as Josh Allen and the Bills currently sit at the top of the AFC East with a 10-3 record. Buffalo can’t help but credit a ton of their success to the rising superstar. Allen has been terrific in the 2020 season so far and finally gets the nod as a Top 5 NFL quarterback in my book.

4. Deshaun Watson

Every time I watch a Texans game I can’t help but feel bad for Watson. The Clemson alum seems to have no more than three seconds each time he snaps the ball before he is getting hit. It is amazing what this man is able to do with the lack of help he currently has in Houston and an awful offensive line. Someone, please go throw Watson a bone out there, this man is a stud.

3. Russell Wilson

Wilson seemed like a sure thing to win this year’s MVP mid way through the year but has been hit with a little bit of a slump. Regardless, the Seahawks are still rolling with a 9-4 record and Wilson seems to have bounced back with a blowout win over the Jets. Wilson has undeniably worked himself into the Top 5 QB conversation for a long time to come.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Regardless of what the Green Bay Packer’s front office may think, Aaron Rodgers at the age of 37 is showing no signs of slowing down. Rodgers finds himself back in MVP talks as the Packers have run away in the NFC North with a 10-3 record. No. 12 is on an absolute tear and will be a problem for NFL defenses if he does not slow down come playoff time.

1.Patrick Mahomes

I’m not telling you anything we don’t all know here. Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL and it is not even close. The defending champs and Super Bowl MVP sit at a 12-1 record and currently look to be the favorite to hold the No. 1 seed in the AFC come playoff time. Mahomes with his arsenal of weapons that he has in that Kansas City offense seems to be a sure favorite to repeat as Super Bowl champions.