This Ranking Of Every Starting NFL Quarterback Will Either Leave You Stoked Or Defeated About Your Team’s Outlook

PFF's rankings of every starting NFL quarterback will either make fans cringe or excited about their favorite team

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  • Where does your favorite NFL quarterback rank as the NFL offseason kicks into gear?
  • Fans of the Broncos, Jets or Dolphins won’t be thrilled with the rankings
  • But supporters of the Chiefs, Buccaneers or Packers should feel optimistic

Being an NFL quarterback is a tough task, with only 32 guys on the planet capable of holding down such a prestigious job title. If it were easy, guys like Johnny Manziel, Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell — all former first-round draft picks who completely flamed out — wouldn’t have had such brief careers.

That said, one of the favorite pastimes of analysts and fans is ranking each QB, well, pretty much all the time. Who are the top signal-callers in the league right now? Which ones are the worst? Which ones are rising stars? Who seems past their prime? It makes for fun fodder and creates healthy debate.

With the NFL offseason in full swing and training camps just a couple months away, the folks over at decided to put together their ultimate rankings of every starting NFL quarterback as the 2021 NFL season approaches. Now, these aren’t set in stone — after all, it’s based off prestige, past performances, stats and the current roster for each team — but if you’re a fan of teams like the Broncos, Jets or Dolphins, well, you might not be too optimistic about what’s in store.

That’s because, per the rankings, those three teams have the three most incapable starting NFL quarterbacks right now, with Denver’s Drew Lock being touted as the worst. Yikes. Here’s what PFF had to say about the former second round pick.

The reason the Broncos acquired veteran quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to compete with Lock for the starting job is because Lock had the 32nd-ranked passing grade (63.4) out of 36 qualifying quarterbacks. He must find a way to clean up his 23 turnover-worthy plays and make better decisions. Lock shows promise at times — he had the eighth-best passing grade (92.3) when throwing between 15-20 yards and executing play-action pass. The leash won’t be long. If given the opportunity, Lock has to play consistently and smart for Fangio to stick with his young quarterback.

So, yeah, maybe Broncos’ fans should temper their expectations when it comes to next NFL season — especially if Lock ends up winning the starting QB job.

On the flip side of the NFL quarterback rankings are names like Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, who rank as the top-3 passers by Here’s a full list of all 32 teams below.

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Tom Brady
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Russell Wilson
  5. Deshaun Watson
  6. Josh Allen
  7. Dak Prescott
  8. Lamar Jackson
  9. Matt Ryan
  10. Baker Mayfield
  11. Matthew Stafford
  12. Ryan Tannehill
  13. Derek Carr
  14. Kirk Cousins
  15. Justin Herbert
  16. Ben Roethlisberger
  17. Kyler Murray
  18. Joe Burrow
  19. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  20. Daniel Jones
  21. Trevor Lawrence
  22. Jimmy Garoppolo
  23. Carson Wentz
  24. Jameis Winston/Taysom Hill
  25. Justin Fields
  26. Jared Goff
  27. Cam Newton
  28. Sam Darnold
  29. Tua Tagovailoa
  30. Zach Wilson
  31. Jalen Hurts
  32. Drew Lock

Again, none of this should be taken as sheer facts, but, man, some of these NFL quarterback rankings are a little surprising. Like, how’s a rookie like Trevor Lawrence — who has yet to take a snap in the league yet after being taken No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft — ahead of guys like Jimmy Garoppolo, Carson Wentz, Jameis Winston and Jared Goff, who, while all have been inconsistent over the past few years, have at least seen some success.

Bottom line is this: These rankings are fun for debate, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Then again, it’s hard to argue with some of the bottom-feeders on this list, so maybe a few fanbases should be concerned about how pathetic their passing game might be during the upcoming NFL season.

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