NFL Recruits Tom Brady To Deliver Powerful Message To Players Amid Gambling Fallout

Tom Brady

Matthew Healey/Getty Image

In a move to reinforce the importance of adhering to the NFL’s gambling policy, the league has called upon legendary quarterback Tom Brady to deliver a powerful message to players.

As reported by 9News’s Mike Klis, Brady has taped an introduction to the league’s gambling educational video, which will be shown at every team facility.

The NFL’s gambling seminars, conducted during rookie minicamps and training camps, serve as a reminder to players about the league’s stringent rules.

Players are prohibited from gambling on anything related to the NFL and its games. Furthermore, they are not allowed to engage in any form of sports betting while at their team’s facilities or when traveling with the team.

Brady, widely regarded as the greatest quarterback in NFL history, emphasizes his love for football and how playing in the NFL is a privilege of a lifetime in his video message. He stresses that betting on NFL games not only undermines the integrity of the league but also tarnishes the reputation of everyone associated with the team.

According to Brady, risking it all for a bet is simply not worth it.

Having recently retired after an illustrious 23-year career that included a record-breaking seven Super Bowl championships, Brady understands the dedication and hard work required to reach the NFL. He emphasizes that one bad decision regarding gambling has the potential to ruin not only the player’s future but also the opportunities of their teammates and future players.

The issue of gambling has once again cast a dark shadow over the NFL, as Indianapolis Colts cornerback and kick returner Isaiah Rodgers faces investigation for alleged violations of the league’s gambling policy, including betting on Colts games. Rodgers publicly apologized on Twitter, acknowledging his error in judgment and letting people down.

Notably, Atlanta star receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended for the entire 2022 season after betting on NFL games in 2021 and earlier this year, the NFL handed suspensions to five players, including Detroit Lions receiver Jameson Williams. These cases serve as a reminder that ignorance is not a valid defense when it comes to NFL gambling violations.

According to Klis,, every team participates in gambling seminars, and the NFL sends a comprehensive module to be watched by all players. In addition, NFL executives from the security and legal departments will personally deliver these sessions this year.

The NFL’s decision to bring in Tom Brady, an iconic figure in the sport, to address players directly about the hazards of violating the gambling policy underscores the league’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and reputation of the game.