NHL Fans Can’t Believe It’s Been 30 Years Since A Canadian Team Won The Stanley Cup

Canadian NHL team Edmonton Oilers eliminated from Stanley Cup Playoffs

Getty Image / Andy Devlin

The Edmonton Oilers fell short against the Las Vegas Golden Knights after losing 5-2 in Game 6.

With that said, that’s another year that a Canadian team won’t be winning the Stanley Cup.

For that reason, NHL fans are in disbelief over how long it’s been since a Canadian franchise won a championship.

According to SportsCenter, the last Canadian based team in the NHL to win the Stanley Cup were the Montreal Canadians back in 1993. American based teams have won the championship for 30 straight years.

That’s a long time. It probably doesn’t help that only seven of the 32 teams in the league are based in Canada. But still. You’d think at least one of them would win a championship here and there.

In fact, it seems like the 1980s was the last time Canadian teams were truly dominant in the NHL.

Regardless, the 30-year drought continues after the Oilers lost to the Golden Nights. Hockey fans can’t believe it’s been that long.

Could Gary Bettman have something to do with it? Probably not.

Of all the US states, this is the one.

This is actually a crazy stat.

Americans are pretty happy about it.

Maybe one day this drought will eventually come to an end. But a part of me wants to see it keep going.

With that said, an American based franchise will be winning the Stanley Cup again this year. Make sure to tune into the Seattle Kraken Vs. Dallas Stars game at 8 P.M. Eastern to see who advances in the Western Conference.