Son Of NHL GM Involved In Bar Incident Where He Pushed A Wheelchair Down Stairs

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Getty Image / NCAA Photos

Things took a turn for NHL assistant general manager Daniel Briére after his son was seen tossing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs at a bar.

Cameras caught his son, Carson Briére, who plays college hockey for Mercyhurst University, shoving the wheelchair downstairs.

The incident happened several days ago during an early St. Paddy’s Day celebration. Here’s the video that has since gone viral.

Since then, NHL GM Daniel Briére and his son both had statements about the incident. Carson apologizes for his actions, per Rosemary Connors.

As you can imagine, the wheelchair was damaged by the incident. The owner of the wheelchair eventually revealed herself, as Sydney comments about her wheelchair being thrown down a flight of stairs.

Additionally, there is a GoFundMe made in the hopes of possibly getting her a new one. But Sydney would rather the money be donated to a charity.

It’s not clear how or when the wheelchair will be replaced. In the meantime, Mercyhurst Univeristy left a statement about the incident involving Carson Briére, the son of an NHL general manager.

The school then followed that up by suspending the college hockey player, per AP News.

“Mercyhurst University’s athletic department Wednesday night said Carson Briere and two other athletes involved in the incident had been placed on interim suspension.”

This is a rather ugly situation and we just hope Sydney gets the wheelchair she needs sooner, rather than later.