NHL’s Unnamed Seattle Team Responded To A Report About Their Official Moniker With A Strange Riddle That Got Fans VERY Heated


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A report broke this week claiming the officially unnamed Seattle NHL team, that officially doesn’t even exist yet but will soon exist (it’s happening). The report claimed Seattle’s yet-to-be-named team would be known as the Seattle Kraken. This was allegedly chosen over some fan favorites and as you can imagine, people on Twitter lost their damn minds.

About two years ago, NHL Seattle reportedly filed for trademarks on 13 potential team names. The names included Sea Lions, Eagles, Cougars, Whales, Firebirds, Renegades, Evergreens, Seals, Rainiers, Totems, Sockeyes (the best name by far), and Kraken.

Yesterday afternoon, the hockey world began responding to a credible report that the team name chosen would be the Kraken. First off, fuck that. I’m a Lightning fan so I have no real horse in this race but choosing Kraken over Sockeyes is a blatantly awful decision. Anyway, here’s how things went down:

The unnamed ‘Seattle NHL’ official Twitter handle responded with a riddle alluding to what could be a few different names that are in the mix. Really, all they’re trying to do here is distract from the fact that people found out it’s going to be Kraken because they lost the hype of announcing it themselves. This is blatantly obvious (to me) but also unconfirmed.

People quickly reacted:

The Kraken is a perfectly fine name. I imagine the earliest jerseys and apparel will underwhelm but over time they’ll drop some fire and if they get it right these could be some of the sickest jerseys in the NHL. But, sockeyes. They have a golden opportunity on their hands here.

I saw some Twitter polls and it appears as if more people are into the Kraken than Sockeyes but the number of people voting in those polls is relatively small so it’s not clear how accurate those polls are.

Seattle’s unnamed team is slated to start playing at the beginning of the 2021 season. So their official announcement HAS to be coming soon, right?

(h/t MyNorthwest)

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