NHL Team Could Be Heading To Atlanta Soon After Plans For Sick 100 Acre Entertainment Hub Are Revealed

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Getty Image / Jaylynn Nash

Rumors have been swirling around the idea that the NHL could be expanding the league yet again.

The Seattle Kraken is the most recent expansion franchise and another one could be in the works. This time in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, it appears Atlanta aims to make some noise if they are to acquire an NHL franchise.

According to Front Office Sports, “Georgia officials are planning a multi-billion dollar arena development north of Atlanta.” They plan to build “a 100-acre entertainment hub capable of hosting an NHL team.”

Here is a sneak peek at the concept for the entertainment hub Georgia officials want to build.

Front Office Sports claims that “‘The Gathering at South Forsyth’ is backed by Krause Auto Group CEO Vernon Krause.”

The entertainment hub would include 1.6M sq ft of commercial and retail space, 750,000 sq ft arena, 100,000 sq ft community center, and 450 hotel rooms, per Front Office Sports.

So, not only would Atlanta have a place for an NHL team, but the area would be a total entertainment destination on the north side of Atlanta.

It’s a similar concept to the surrounding area of the Atlanta Braves stadium. Just outside of the park is a ton of bars and restaurants. Along with multiple hotels close by.

With that said, Atlanta sure seems open to the idea of creating as many entertainment hubs as possible.

Additionally, it’d be awesome to have another NHL franchise pop up in the southern region of the USA. Hockey is still a growing sport in America. The more teams the better.

We’ll see if “The Gathering at South Forsyth” will be approved or not. Either way, NHL fans living in Atlanta are going to have to wait and see if a team comes to their city.