Nick Bosa’s Ex Jenna Berman Appears To Take Another Shot At Him In Viral Beach Photo

Nick Bosa shrugging shoulders

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Jenna Berman appears to continue to take shots at her ex Nick Bosa.

Last Thanksgiving, Berman posted a TikTok with the caption, “We just will never talk again,” “When he gives you the silent treatment but doesn’t know you can play that game 10x better. Bye forever,” which seemed to indicate that she was done with the 49ers linebacker after being together for nearly a year.

During a recent Instagram post, Berman posted a picture of herself on the beach with the caption, “Rule #1 never be #2,”

While it’s unclear if this was a shot at Bosa, but fans seemed to believe it was.

“Bosa punching air right now,” one fan in the comments replied.

After breaking up with Bosa, Berman, who boasts 1.3 million followers on TikTok, seems to be thriving and has recently graduated to become a Physician’s Assistant.

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