Nick Diaz Brawled With FOUR Dudes At A Vegas Club Who Didn’t Know Who He Was–‘They Got The Worst Of It’

Nick Diaz is on day four of partying in Vegas, following his little brother’s gritty loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 202 on Saturday night.

The 33-year-old Diaz reportedly stumbled into a bathroom outside the club Hyde in the Bellagio Casino around 2:30 a.m. and accidentally bumped into another man. Diaz said he apologized and said he didn’t want any trouble, but the dude and three of his friends in the restroom began talking shit to Diaz before jumping him at the pisser.

TMZ reports that the fight spilled out of the bathroom and into the Bellagio’s casino floor, where the club’s rep says the attackers were swinging chairs and swinging at club and casino staffers.

“I didn’t start it,” Diaz told TMZ. “People like to hate.”

Diaz reportedly got a “nasty gash” on the top of his head which may require stitches, but will not press charges because, in his words, “they got the worst of it.”

This reminds me of that one time I beat a girl.

I used to wrestle when I was younger. I had to wrestle a girl during a meet in sixth grade. Everyone stopped to watch the match, they interviewed my mom for the nightly news, and it was fucking embarrassing. I beat her handily, but went about 42% to avoid a domestic violence charge. When the ref raised my hand in victory, I looked around at the crowd, who all seemed to be snickering because I had a hard-on. Just kidding, they were snickering because they thought I was a pussy for not “being able” to pin her. I didn’t get any congratulations for the victory because all I did was beat a girl. I legit cried in the bathroom after the match. My dad took me to McDonald’s after out of pure pity.

Bottom line, is that there is no way I could have left that match with anyone thinking more highly of me than before the match. It was a damned if I do, damned if I don’t situation. Kind of like fighting a dude four-on-one. Even if your opponent is a 3rd degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, if eight fists can’t demolish him, it’s an L. I can all but guarantee these fuckers haven’t even mentioned the fight to each other this morning. It’s gotta be a tough pill to swallow when you stack your four cocks on each other and they don’t even measure up to one Diaz Dong.

[h/t TMZ]

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