Side-By-Side Video Shows Nick Foles And Mitch Trubisky Running The Same Play And Proves The Bears Were Correct In Benching Trubisky


It seems like the Mitch Trubisky era is finally over in Chicago and Nick Foles will be the team’s QB going forward.

On Sunday, Trubisky was benched in the team’s game against the Falcons after throwing a pretty bad interception early in the third quarter.

Bears coach Matt Nagy explained that benching Trubisky first crossed his mind at halftime but he felt it was time to pull his QB after the interception in the third quarter.

Via Sports Illustrated

And really, as Nagy explains it, he really didn’t see this coming so much either. In fact, he told me the first time the topic was really broached was at halftime, when some of the issues the team had early in the opener against Detroit started to resurface—the Bears, again, were having trouble on third down and in the red zone, and in managing down-and-distance. The offensive coaches discussed it, but didn’t raise it to the quarterback.

At that point, they figured they should wait. Then, the Falcons went 75 yards in seven plays to push the lead to 23-10, Blidi Wreh-Wilson picked Trubisky off on a shallow cross on a third-and-8, and the Falcons tacked on another field goal as a result.

At that point, Nagy looked over and gave Lazor a look, then simply said to DeFilippo over the headset: “We’re going to put Nick in.”

Foles would go on to lead the Bears to victory despite being down 26-10 and a side-by-side video of him and Trubisky running the same play with different results should be enough evidence that the move by the Bears was the right one.

The team has already Nick Foles the starter for week 4 and after seeing the side-by-side comparison it’s easy to see why they came up with that decision.

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