Olympian Nick Symmonds Recalls Getting Smoked By A Stranger In A Race And The Winner Refusing The $100 Prize For A Dumb Reason

This week on “We Run This,” two-time Olympian Nick Symmonds joined the show to discuss his time as an Olympic runner for the United States and his new career hosting running challenges on his YouTube channel.

Symmonds’ channel is filled with videos of the former sprinter running “Big Mac Miles”, racing go-karts, Teslas, and fitness challenges like doing 300 push-ups a day for 30 days. His most popular videos involved racing strangers on the street for money.

If an opponent beats him a race, he hands over $100.

“I always say, anyone is invited to my events,” explains Symmonds. “From a 6-year-old to a 90-year-old, you can be an elite runner or a brand new runner. Anyone is invited to my events. But when you open it up like that, anyone can show up.”

For this reason, Symmonds brings at least $1,000 with him each time, just in case more than a few world-class athletes show up to put the former Olympian to the test.

Symmonds recalls a specific race where an NCAA athlete came out for one of his YouTube races and smoked the entire field that day explains what happened when he tried to hand over the $100 prize.

If I’m that runner, I’m refusing the $100 on camera and then taking the cash when the cameras stop rolling.

Later in the interview, Nick talks about competing in the Olympics and the mental crash that happened when that part of his life ended, where he gets the inspiration for his YouTube videos, getting smoked by strangers on the street, a secret cheat he does before his races, and how to win a race against friends.

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