Nick Young Casts Rumored Space Jam Sequel. Says Blake Griffin’s “Too Beige” For Leading Part

If there’s one thing we know about L.A. Lakers shooting guard Nick Young, it’s that he’s not short on confidence.

With a nickname like Swaggy P, that’s pretty fucking obvious. After all, this is the same guy who celebrated a three before it went in—it eventually rimmed out—made a damn fool out of himself after a Lakers win earlier this season after they beat the Boston Celtics in overtime, earning Swaggy quite the death stare from Kobe Bryant on late-night TV and, oh yeah, met his now fiance, Iggy Azalea, by asking her out on Twitter.

An obvious graduate from the School of Swag, Young knows that he can say pretty much whatever the hell he wants to, and it’s going to get a shit ton of attention.

His most recent moment? That came the other day when he was asked about the rumors of one of the greatest sports movies ever, Space Jam, potentially coming out with a sequel.

First stating that he would, obviously, want to make an appearance in the film, playing one of the villains for the newly formed team, the Swag Stars, he followed up with something that might have caught a few people off-guard.

Calling L.A. Clippers’ All-Star forward Blake Griffin, “too beige” to play the role of Michael Jordan in the follow-up act, Swaggy went on to say Griffin would need to play a supporting role, instead having LeBron James take the lead.

Of course, Young did all of this in his usual, casual and tongue-in-cheek manner, poking fun at his fellow City of Angels star from an in-city rival.

When asked who his sidekicks would be on the villainous team, Young responded with a few players who would be fucking rad to see make an appearance, mentioning Draymond Green, Kevin Garnett and J.R Smith as three of his mates. Shit, with KG’s penchant for stirring the pot as a real-life villain—remember when he shit all over Carmelo Anthony’s wife a couple years ago, causing a stand-off in the damn arena parking lot?—I’d say he gets the lead for the biggest asshole of them all in Space Jam 2.

Regardless of which players actually get parts in this rumored-to-be sequel, one thing is clear, make Nick Young the fucking Casting Director right now, he clearly has a talent at picking roles for guys.