Stealing $16 Worth Of Shit WHILE WEARING YOUR FOOTBALL JERSEY Is Dumb, Guys

So, I know that college athletes have been BEGGING the NCAA to pay them for their athletic services, but, c’mon, do these kids seriously not have a simple $20 bill to pay for shit?

Apparently not, because a (now former) University of North Dakota football player just got busted for stealing $16 worth of gear from a sporting goods store WHILE WEARING HIS JERSEY!

Wait, what?

According to a story, Dustin Iverson was so desperate for new bicep bands after practice that he just had to pull the ol’ five-finger discount, either forgetting or refusing to take his jersey off prior to actually committing the theft.

Here’s more from the report, per Grand Forks Herald:

“Employee Derek Trom discovered two opened, empty Nike Dri-fit bicep band packages, valued at about $8 each, according to the affidavit. Trom reviewed video surveillance footage and discovered the items had been stolen. Trom said he observed Iverson, whom Trom identified because he was wearing a UND football jersey, open the packages, remove the items, conceal them in his pants pocket and leave the store without attempting to pay for the items, the affidavit says.

Trom said he tentatively identified Iverson from the UND football team photograph, according to the affidavit.”

Now, I know that there have been some really dumbass crimes committed before, but this one might just take the cake.

As if it’s not bad enough that he was wearing his jersey or stealing $16 worth of crap, how about the fact that the kid got dismissed from the team for his decision, costing him his future in football and, likely, his scholarship.

My only question here is, if he can’t afford the $16 for bicep bands, how’s he going to afford tuition?

[H/T The Big Lead]

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