The infamous ‘Drunk Michigan Girl’ has been revealed



A Michigan football fan we lovingly referred to as “Drunk Michigan Girl” blew up the Internet over the weekend. So much so that we now actually know her name and her story. Meet Janine Huelsman.

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Get this: It turns out that Miss Huelsman wasn’t even drunk!

Huelsman wrote in an e-mail that she wasn’t initially keen on the gif. She said it appeared she was drunk, which she was not.

“I was really annoyed about it being all over the internet because so many people refer to me as the ‘drunk student’ and stuff like that,” Huelsman wrote. “It was just bad timing.”

“It’s kind of funny, and I’m working on just owning the fact that I looked ridiculous because there’s nothing I can do about it,” she said.

As of yesterday she said she hadn’t received much reaction on campus, but figures that’ll change once she gets to class today. Which it will, for sure. At least she’s being a good sport about it.

The girl behind the .gif [The Michigan Daily]

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