The NYPD And Boston Police Joined Forces To Ruin The Lives Of Each And Every Seahawks Fan

There is no love lost between the cities of New York and Boston, but in the grips of another winter hellstorm, the police departments of the two cities joined forces to pour lemon salt into the wounds of Seattle Seahawks fans throughout the nation.

Yes bros, hell might have frozen over when the NYPD and the Boston Police Departments each sent out tweets twisting the knife into the Seahawks’ wounds, ensuring a long and difficult recovery for fans throughout the great state of Washington.

The NYPD’s 34th Precinct struck blood first, sending this life-ruining tweet at 10:27pm the night of the Super Bowl:

But not to be outdone by their superior neighbors to the South, the Boston Police Department shot out this tweet of their own last night at 7:40pm (surely whilst under the influence of countless Sam Adams and George Killian’s Irish Red):

I for one welcome the joining of these two great cities, and the temporary cessation of decades worth of enmity….It’s nice to see them coming together to support the common cause of ‘fuck West Coast teams winning anything’. Because those of us over here on the east coast truly couldn’t give two shits about a west coast team ever winning anything. So here’s to a great 2015 and more of this!

And to all the Seattle Seahawks fans who just got slapped across the face by the big swinging richard’s of the NYPD and Boston PD, I can only imagine somewhere between these two GIFs:



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