Oakland A’s Security Lets Fan Streak The Field And MLB Fans Are Convinced They’ve Given Up

Oakland A's stadium

Getty Image / MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images

The Oakland A’s will eventually be on the move to Las Vegas but the team must continue playing in southern California until a new stadium is built.

In the meantime, the team continues to play poorly as they’re currently 12-45 and dead last in the MLB standings.

But perhaps the entire organization has given up at this point. At least that’s what baseball fans believe after watching the A’s security team just allow random man to streak the field.

To be fair, a game wasn’t being played as the grounds crew was on the field preparing it for a game. Even so, the A’s security didn’t even attempt to get this guy off of the field.

See for yourself.

Okay, so one security sort of tried, but it was the same effort I put into chasing my dog around the house. Meanwhile, a guy with a leaf blower tried tripping the fan, but it was to no avail.

It’s actually hilarious to see such a laid back security team with a streaker on the field. Usually we see them deliver hits as if they’re playing linebacker in the NFL.

But MLB fans can’t help but think the A’s are toast after seeing how security handled that situation.

The slot machines in the stadium should at least give the fans something to do.

Things are not going well in Oakland.

All publicity is good publicity, right? Right!?

Get that guy a contract asap!

Hopefully, this doesn’t lead to more people jumping onto the field.

It might be a different story if a game is in progress. Even so, the lack of effort from the A’s security team may reflect how the season is going.