Oakland Raiders Rumored To Be Trying To Put Together A Badass Superteam This Offseason

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The Oakland Raiders have long had a “commitment to excellence,” in the words of former owner Al Davis. Unfortunately, after a 2018 season that saw the team go just 4-12 in Jon Gruden’s first year back on the sidelines as the team’s head coach, fans of the Silver & Black are probably wondering if that motto still holds true. After all, forget the fact the team only won four games, they also shipped away two stars in Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, going into full-on rebuild mode.

Making matters worse for the Oakland Raiders is this: they still don’t know where the hell they’re even playing the 2019 season. With a move to Las Vegas coming up in 2020, the team’s at odds with the city of Oakland over the use of their current home stadium, the Oakland Coliseum, so this state of the franchise is, well, dysfunctional to say the least.

As lost as things might seem for the Raiders, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel sooner than later, because, according to one NFL insider, Benjamin Allbright, the team may be looking to make a splash this offseason, creating a superteam that would involve the likes of Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and incoming rookie quarterback Kyler Murray. Look at the tweet that Allbright sent this morning from one of his sources.

That. Would. Be. Insane.

Sure, Kyler Murray may be unproven and undersized, but Jon Gruden is known to fall in love with quarterbacks more than a fat kid does with candy, and he’s an (apparent) quarterback guru; so who knows what he might have in store for a potential Murray pairing. Plus, he’s been rumored to be really intrigued by the Heisman Trophy winner for the past few months, so this would make some sense that it’s a possibility.

This is the NFL’s nutty season, where rumors swirl like breeze through an open window, so everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, knowing Jon Gruden’s competitive nature and the Oakland Raiders looking to make a splash leading up to their move to Las Vegas next year, Benjamin Allbright’s sources might be spot on here, so it’s a wild development to keep an eye on.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)