Ochocinco Calls Fan’s Negative Bank Balance ‘Unacceptable’ And Sends $1K To His Venmo

Chad Johnson pays $1,000

Alika Jenner/Getty Images

If only more athletes and celebrities were as generous as former Bengals wide receiver, Chad Johnson.

With millions of people losing their jobs and being unable to afford groceries, it’s nice to see a small act of kindness.

Skyler LeGassick was feeling a little bad about the negative balance in his checking account.

He tweeted a photo of bank balances at Ochocinco.

“Went to go get my McDanks today. SMH. Covid deleting my life right now.”

Less than an hour later, Johnson responded to the tweet.

Within minutes, LeGassick found $1,000 in his Venmo account.

Johnson played ten years in the NFL for the Bengals, Patriots, and Dolphins. Ochocinco pulled in 766 receptions for 11,059 yards and 67 touchdowns.

He’s allegedly worth over $15 million.

Ochocinco has kept busy since retiring. He’s currently working on several projects with NFL Films.

This isn’t the first time the former NFL star has been generous to strangers.

He’s paid the rent of not one, but two, complete strangers.

He’s also guilty of leaving huge tips for wait staff for no reason other than being a good dude – oh and to troll the Chargers.

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