Chad Johnson Is Leaving Obscene Tips At The Restaurants With Notes On The Receipts Explaining Why

Chad Johnson Tipping

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Chad Johnson has been a positive PR machine lately! Just a few weeks ago, Johnson he sent a random Twitter follower $1,500 to cover his rent because the dude said he was facing eviction. After the guy posted a screenshot of the PayPal screen showing Johnson coughed up the money, the former Bengals wide receiver said “tell your landlord next time WE fall behind on rent to play me in FIFA for the balance.” People helping people. Powerful stuff.

The hottest job in 2019 is being a restaurant server when Chad Johnson walks in. Johnson typically empties out his pockets for the folks who serve him, whether it be at McDonald’s or a fine steak house that smells of rich mahogany.

The 41-year-old has been on a tear recently, leaving obscenely large tips and adding humorous notes to them before posting them on social media. Check them out below.

“I only had 540 yards in 2008 because I pissed Mike Brown off. I love you.”

Tip percentage: 1,405%

“I only had 276 yards with the Patriots which was really horrible. I love you.”

Tip percentage: 302%

“Thank you for letting me use your phone to watch El Clasico. Suarez: 3 goals hence the tip!!! I love you.”

Tip percentage: 192%

“I once had 2019 yards in a game in 2007. I love you.”

Tip percentage: 1,150%

Tip percentage: 342%

The irony in Johnson’s altruism is that he isn’t actually swimming in dough. Despite making a hair under $50 million in his career, in 2012, he was sued by his baby mamma for failing to make his court mandated payment of $5,250 for several months in a row. In June 2013, Johnson told a judge that he loses $45,000 a month and his monthly income is just $3,000. Hey, maybe Johnson has straightened out his personal finances.

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