Odell Beckham Says He Is The Victim Of A Double Standard After Tom Brady’s Sideline Blow Up With Coach

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Yesterday, at the end of the first quarter of the Patriots 23-3 victory over the Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady blew up on Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. At that time, Brady’s offense was stagnating, and after an incomplete pass intended for Brandin Cooks on third-and-11, things came to a head.

“It’s just football,” Brady said after the game. “Yeah, we’ve been around each other a lot. I love Josh.”

Flare ups have happened between Brady and coaches not named Bill Belichick before, a couple of which required third-party intervention. But this type of thing is a byproduct of working with McDaniels for 11 years and being only a year apart in age. I moved in with my girlfriend two weeks ago, and being around each other non-stop is a precursor to meaningless tussles AKA I kick her ass in a kinda-kidding-but-not pillow fight. Fuck with me.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a man whose young career has been littered with talking heads calling into question his character, maturity, perceived selfish play, the list goes on. Granted, by  celebrating by peeing like a dog ($12,154 fine) assaulting a kicking net, then proposing to the net (which cost him $24,309), his aggressive feud with Josh Norman, Odell doesn’t do himself any favors. The injured wideout took to Twitter shortly before 3 am Monday to liken his antics to Brady’s on Sunday, and address what he believes is a double standard.

As NY Daily News points out, this isn’t the first time Odell has pointed out the perceived hypocrisy of the league. Last December, Beckham accused the NFL of hypocrisy after it decided not to fine Ezekiel Elliott for celebrating a touchdown by jumping into a Salvation Army bucket near the end zone.

“It’s just the way the world works,” Beckham posted. “There’s double standards everywhere. I’m sure if I did that, I’m absolutely positive if I did that I would have got fined.”

What ya’ll think? Is there a double standard or has Brady earned the right to nearly go to blows with his coach?

[h/t NY Daily News]

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