Odell Beckham Jr. And The New York Giants Have The Most Ridiculous Handshakes In The NFL

Odell Beckham Jr. handshakes

Facebook / OBJ

Isn’t pre-season the best? It’s a time when we can argue about things like who has the best handshakes in the NFL instead of stressing over every single play. A time of the year when we can admire the new NFL Color Rush Helmets instead of bemoaning how shitty Thursday Night Football is.

On Sunday, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. released this video on his Facebook page and it shows that the Giants are a step ahead of the league when it comes to handshakes. A quick look at the comments will reveal a lot of triggered Giants fans complaining that the team is spending too much time practicing handshakes and not enough time about football, and to those people, I’d just like to say that WE’RE TALKING ABOUT PRACTICE!

Comments from triggered Giants fans include things like “Maybe y’all should practice catching the fn ball instead of this crap?” and “If y’all practiced football instead of your freaking dance moves and stupid handshakes, the playoffs wouldn’t be such a pipe dream!” It seems that the commenters on Facebook are under the impression that every second of every waking minute must be spent physically running drills on the practice field. That there’s nothing else to the game of Football other than catching passes…

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Heaven forbid these dudes bond off the field, in the offseason, or in the locker room, am I right? (h/t DIGG Video)