Odell Beckham Jr. Takes Us Inside His Home To Show Off His Insane Framed Jersey Collection

Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you haven’t given Odell Beckham Jr. one of your work shirts, you are in the vast minority. At the rate OBJ is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up to one of my coed flag football games looking to swap for my used jock strap.

The Browns receiver took his Instagram followers inside his home to show off the extensive collection of used game jerseys he’s collected in just a handful of years he’s been in the league.

A quick note about the Tom Brady jersey that is most prominently featured in OBJ’s house: the two made headlines during the 2016 preseason after a meeting between Brady’s Patriots and Odell’s Giants. Odell signed his jersey for Brady but Brady kept his on, which we’d later find out was because Patriots team policy disallows jersey exchanges.

ESPN detailed how it went down:

The two had first talked about it in 2015, with Brady relaying, “I promised him a jersey and forgot.”

That’s why Beckham had joked with Brady on Thursday that the jersey must have been lost in the mail. At that point, Brady decided the hand-delivered route would be the way to go, telling Beckham they’d swap after the game.

True to his word, Brady walked toward midfield after the game and met Beckham, who handed him a blue Giants jersey after signing it. They talked briefly before Brady jogged off with Beckham’s jersey in his hand.

Here are some other noteworthy jersey exchange tidbits.

Richard Sherman has himself an all-decade team.


Two Redskins ask Tom Brady for his jersey in the same game. Donald Penn loses, AP wins.

When Emmanuel Mudiay asked D-Wade for his jersey and got Mutumbo’ed.

But, but, Wade sought none other than….rookie Kevin Huerter to swap jerseys with during Wade’s final season.

Wade said after that game: “A friend of mine told me about him when he was younger that he used to wear my shoes, he wore No. 3 because of me and he looked up to me. So I knew I was going to surprise him.”

All’s well that ends well.

God, Wade is the goddamn man. Was this article supposed to be about OBJ?

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