Odell Beckham Jr. Sure Does Spend A Sh*t Ton Of Money To Stay In Shape During The Offseason

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Odell Beckham Jr. has plenty of money to blow after signing the richest deal for any wide receiver in NFL history just a few months ago, with the New York Giants paying the man $65 million in guaranteed cash. Not too shabby for a guy who, although a generational talent, was coming off a nasty injury last season which saw fans watching OBJ cry as he was carted off the field.

Working his way back into shape and rehabbing that leg injury was well-documented by Odell Beckham Jr, with the guy sharing plenty of stories, pics and videos on his Instagram account to prove that he was more than just a mercurial star. And, while he may have been putting in work to get jacked, it turns out that his bank account was getting nailed by doing it.

That’s because, according to ESPN, Odell Beckham Jr. spends over $300,000 on his body during the offseason, making sure he keeps in tip-top shape in order to stay in the conversation as the best pass-catcher in the game. Beckham’s surprising amount of cash was revealed in the newest episode of his weekly docu-series with UNINTERRUPTED, “I am more: OBJ.”

“I take care of my body each and every day. I put, probably, over $300,000 in my body in the offseason,” said Beckham, who was shown in the most recent episode meeting regularly with his personal biomechanics trainer and chiropractor during the current season. “It’s a lot to upkeep. I don’t ever want to decline.”

The 26-year-old Beckham is still only in his fifth year in the league, and, seeing as how some all-time great wideouts like Jerry Rice (42) and Tim Brown (38) performed at high levels well beyond their primes, he hopes to do the same. Hell, Larry Fitzgerald (35) is redefining the position, coming off three-straight seasons of at least 107 receptions, so OBJ hopes he can do the same by spending all that money to stay in shape.

According to Beckham’s chiropractor, Jody Serra, the two try to meet weekly to clear out his nervous system by restoring proper nerve flow, which, in effect, helps the nervous system operate more effectively and efficiently, per the ESPN piece. It seems to be helping, because, as everyone saw in 2015 when he was in the ESPN Body Issue, the dude is cut up.

The life of a pro athlete is so different than a normal person. I mean, give you or me $300,000 and we’re spending it on trips, cars or houses, probably, but Odell Beckham Jr. joins other elite athletes who reinvest in themselves in order to stay on top of their sport — but, damn, that’s a steep price to pay every offseason.